We believe that gaps in social and infrastructure provision of basic necessities within our local communities may not be a deliberate action on the part of the government and the responsible agencies but that we as an organisation will take deliberate steps in bringing to the attention of all what non-governmental agencies can contribute. We also know there are many well-meaning indigenes with resources to make a difference but through designs to survive in the business world lack the time to focus on the needy. We as an organisation have taken it upon ourselves to identify with such individuals and help create a conduit for humanitarian work that will reflect their hearts for the poor and needy.

People want to know that donations are channelled appropriately and have the right impact. We have made our activities accountable corporately and we report regularly to our partners and funders as part of our openness and integrity. We know of corporate companies operating in our local areas where deprivation still exists and we are conversant with their attempts to engage. We believe we are now in a position of responsibility to go into partnership with such organisations to deliver their corporate responsibilities. This is our dream, our strategic goal over the next few years and we are grateful for your continued support.

Contact & Support

  • Address : 12 Rozel Court, De Beauvoir Read London. N1 5SS, United Kingdom
  • Email :      admin@ugbajoitsekiri.com
  • Phone 1 : +44 (0)780 789 0657
  • Phone 2 : +44 (0)333 336 5691
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